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    For businesses

    Office cleaning includes:

    • sweeping and vacuuming of carpets and floors;
    • dusting of desks, furniture and equipment;
    • waste disposal and the replacement of bin bags;
    • maintaining constant cleanliness of cookers/stoves and toilets;
    • replenishment of hygiene products – soap, paper towels, toilet paper;
    • cleaning of interior window sills;
    • cleaning of refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers;
    • window cleaning;
    • any other work based on client needs.

    Every client is unique, and that is why we set the scope of our services individually, based on the client’s need and preferences.

    The price of services depends on scope and frequency:

    Standard cleaning – from PLN 3/m2 net
    Cleaning after renovations – from PLN 43 /hour net or PLN 5.5 /m2 net

    Standard window cleaning – PLN 28 /window net
    Custom window cleaning – the price is set individually

    Minimum order – PLN 115 net

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