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    For houses

    The cleaning of homes and apartments includes:

    • vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning and maintenance of floors;
    • vacuuming of rugs and carpets;
    • dusting of furniture, doors and window sills;
    • cleaning of windows and mirrors;
    • cleaning of glass surfaces;
    • vacuuming, cleaning of stairs and handrails;
    • vacuuming and cleaning of radiators and heaters;
    • cleaning of blinds and shutters;
    • cleaning of household appliances;
    • cleaning of bathroom fittings and sanitary facilities;
    • washing of kitchen and bathroom tiles;
    • washing of exterior and interior doors;
    • cleaning of staircases, basements and garages;
    • washing of terraces and balconies;
    • other cleaning works on the property.

    We offer one-time cleaning, occasional or everyday service.

    Prices depend on the area, degree of stains and frequency of cleaning:

    Standard cleaning – from PLN 27 /hour net
    Basic cleaning – from PLN 33 /hour net
    Cleaning after renovations – from PLN 37 /hour net or PLN 5.5 /m2 net

    Standard window cleaning – PLN 25 /window net
    Custom window cleaning – the price is set individually

    Minimum order – PLN 115 net

    Our staff is qualified and willing to work, therefore we invite you to do business with us.